Accelerate Innovation with Contract Research Organizations

The journey from identifying a potential drug to bringing it to market is laden with challenges and complexities in the ever-evolving realm of pharmaceuticals. This is where Contract Research Organizations (CROs) emerge as invaluable partners. CROs play a pivotal role in the pharmaceutical landscape, offering a wide range of services that expedite drug development and enhance the overall efficiency of the industry.

A Contract Research Organization is a specialised company that provides research services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. These organisations possess the expertise and capabilities required to undertake and accomplish the responsibilities of a sponsor. Their services encompass various aspects of drug development, including early-phase research, clinical trials, regulatory submissions, and post-market surveillance.

The concept of CROs dates back to the mid-20th century when the pharmaceutical industry expanded rapidly. In the early 1980s, pharmaceutical companies were traditionally expected to conduct all research and development in-house. However, they often faced capacity problems, which led to the realisation of the need to collaborate with external experts. This marked the birth of CROs. Since then, CROs have evolved significantly, becoming indispensable entities in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

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